Friday, September 9, 2011


Due to the TV3 Raya Celebrations advertisement, I was once again introduced to this particular song by Anuar Zain titled Perpisahan. Browsing through YouTube, I found this wonderful cover by Cumi1569 (not me!). Henceforth, I decided to attempt a translation of the beautiful song.

I understand, this separation does not stem from hate,
But because you no longer carry my affections,

Ofttimes, They linger; memories of you;
Laden with endearing hopes, woven with a gentle bliss...

I weather my coming days,
With a face that will never return to me,
But this heart has yet to concede,
It was left to bear a persisting pain...

This doubt was never meant for you,
This heart still yearns for you,
This disquietude was meant only for me,
This heart still seeks for a glimpse of you,
This heart was never prepared to lose you...


shielapited said...

lagu yg aku terdengar dari keta ko tu ker?

Sir Ashcroft said...

Ah ya. Btol2.

nasrul said...