Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waning Hearts

Continued from Part 3

"It's not getting any easier you know" she told him, abruptly. 

Her defeated tone was deliberate. There was no point in hiding the flame she held for him. 

Not anymore.

The repetition of hide and seek had lost its charm. She now yearned for the absolute. And that killed her inside.

"What is?" he asked.

He was playing a dangerous game of ignorance, all the while gazing at her, puzzled.

The rumbling inside her chest seemed to have never ceased playing its tune. All this while, a coveting rhythm, only for him.

"This," Her heart whispered this unto his unknowing ears.

She dared not to look at him. It was as if her soul willed itself to be with him. And she would give it away willingly in a single heartbeat, if only he would ask of it. But she dared not to long, to yearn more than she could bear. At least her eyes could avert what her entirety could not, she thought.

He never got an answer that day. Instead, she gave him a smile, as kind as she could muster. She then stood up and walked away. 

At one point, she turned back, staring straight into his eyes.

"I could never stop. Even if I wanted to. It was already yours, even before you and I realized it"

Oh how she wished she had said those words. 


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