Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lingering Scent

He said thank you.

She said no problem.

At least that was allowed.

In silence, more was offered than what was bargained.

That of what was hers, in exchange for what was his.

But he said thank you.

And she said no problem.


Lava said...

a beautiful little poem :)

Sir Ashcroft said...

Thanks :)

Wasn't intending for it to be a poem, but it came out as one. Haha. It's one of those random things.

Alia said...

Ok, this is one of the times that I actually understand what you're writing about.. Hahaha :P

But yeah, I hate it when you put such simple words and sentences together to picture something so deep and meaningful. I could never write something so short and sweet.

Sir Ashcroft said...

Thank you. Coming from you, that's actually a big achievement ...i shall work on the comprehensiveness of my writings...haha.

Alia said...

"Coming from you, that's actually a big achievement ..."

What's that supposed to mean?? I tak paham bahasa ke?

Sir Ashcroft said... refers to the bottom part of your comment la akak...haha.The compliment part, not the understanding part.

Kejayaan besar lah dipuji oleh saudari Alia.

Alia said...

Heeheehee just checking :D :D

aisyah. said...

i suppose ur writing from life's experience? ;)

that's y its so meaningful

Sir Ashcroft said...

It may or may not be...not telling.Hoho.

aisyah. said...

arrrr... (nada kamalanadan e04d)

mysterious.. mwaaha